March Madness: The Joy of Being a Child

The month of March was filled with games, laughter, and an abundance of opportunities for the youth of The House DC to bond with one another and with staff. In light of March Madness, we organized games every Thursday for youth to partake in. We had games that ranged from bubble soccer to tug of war to a basketball tournament, for youth to learn about team building.
The games offered opportunities for youth to let go of the daily stress and responsibilities they face every day, and to embrace being a child. Youth spent their time smiling and laughing, as the child in them came out.
The games of March Madness were put in place to get youth out of their element, so that they could experience being a child again. Because of the unstable circumstances many of our youth come from, they’ve been unable to let go and be a child. Many of them had to grow up from a very young age to fend for themselves, because their parents were unable to. Not only were youth able to experience what it’s like to be a child, but they also learned important and essential team building skills with one another and with staff.
Youth also experienced the power of prayer. In Anacostia, kids live in fear when they play outside because of the high crime rates that occur around the area. Every time our youth would get ready to leave with staff to play games, they would pray over each other, asking for protection over their time together. Through prayer, youth experienced God’s goodness, faithfulness, and protection over their time outside.
Are you interested in becoming a prayer warrior of The House DC? We would love to connect with you. Spiritual warfare is real, and because The House DC is a beacon of light in Anacostia, we are in need of prayer warriors who are willing to help us fight the good fight in the Kingdom. If you’re interested in learning more about this, please email:
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