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Upon entering The House DC, no one walks out the same. Our goal is to transform and empower the lives of inner-city youth by meeting physical and spiritual needs. Below are just a few snippets from countless stories of how The House DC has impacted the lives of each youth who walks through our doors.

“When I first came here I thought it would be just like a little rec center, everybody just come here and play games, stuff like that. But when they started doing the Life Sessions, and the retreats we go on, I been thinking… maybe I should change my life.”

— Jada, from the PBS Religion & Ethics Special

“The House DC feels more like what my home should have felt like. They became my family and also helps me with school, and because of them, I made honor roll for the first time. I want to go to college next year. I also tried out for the football team and made it!”

— John, a changed House DC student

“I thought it was over for me. I wanted it to be over for me. But because The House DC didn’t give up on me, I will never give up on myself or my child.”

— Teen mom

“Because of The House I’m the first person to graduate from high school in my family and now I’m the first person to go to college. The House DC has not only changed my entire life but my entire family’s life. My mom is going to get her GED now.”

— A changed House DC student

“It’s more than a place where kids can go after school. It’s more than a place where they can find adult role models. The House DC offers a faith-based message that says your life matters and we care.”

— Lucky Severson, from the PGS Religion & Ethics Special

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