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Game Room

When students first walk into the main center, they are warmly welcomed by House staff. In the Game Room, the youth can unwind from the day with a variety of activities to choose from. They can either sit and relax on the couch, play video games, play pool, ping pong, pinball or enjoy the use of our 2-chair hair salon. Staff utilizes this space as an opportunity to build healthy relationships with the youth. By having the students in a tension free atmosphere, it allows them to be at ease while working on building trust, respect, and interaction amongst their peers and staff members.

Kitchen & Culinary Arts

In our Kitchen & Culinary Arts room, daily snacks and meals are assembled each night for the high school program. For some, this may be the only other meal that students eat before returning to their respective homes. The Culinary Arts Team consists of high school students who gain beneficial culinary and event planning skills along the way by preparing these nightly meals. Students are also able to work cohesively as a team and learn the spirit of giving early on by serving those in need.

Music Studio

The Music Studio offers a chance for students to explore their creative side. Containing various instruments including the drums, keyboard, tambourine and more, the studio also provides the youth with the chance to learn to work together as a group. As a result, students have been able to use their talents by playing as a band at local House events as well as retreats away from the city.

Multi-Purpose Room

One of the most popular rooms at The House is the Multi-Purpose Room. This room is the ideal place for staff to build relationships with the youth through staple programs such as Parenting Classes, Life Skills, and additional programs. This room is also used as a dining room, Bible Study and in some instances, a staging area where students can perform musical selections acquired through the music studio on the lower level. The Multi-Purpose Room is one of the highest foot traffic spaces due to its multi-functionality. During Bible Study classes, the youth are able to learn more about Christ and the reward of aligning themselves in His will. Through the various programs, students are also able to open up to their peers and House staff which is where the true relationship and trust building begins.

Recording Studio

Our state-of-the-art Recording Studio is utilized to record works created firsthand by the youth. Under the guidance of our musical director, students are trained in audio engineering and also compete in recording contests. The studio is one of the main attractions for the youth and used as a means to keep them off the streets while at the same time, learn a new skillset.