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Hear what our proud donors are saying:

“My wife and I are moved by this ministry and what is going on at The House. Both by the wonderful efforts of the staff, giving their time and energy to create a positive environment, and a spiritual comfort to so many kids in need — as well as for the young people who have made a decision to change their lives and turn to the one source on this earth that can change lives — The Lord Jesus Christ!! The love that is surrounding The House exemplifies the work of our Lord and is hope for everyone who witnesses this ministry. Our prayers are with you — keep up the “good” work.  We pray for all of you each day — that God continues to Bless everyone at The House.”

Andrea & Lois

“Thank you for the amazing work you do in our Nation’s Capital.  We lift you up in our prayers.” 


“The Lord bless your ministry with these great kids!”

— Fred & Cindy

“Praise the Lord! You are making such a difference in kids lives in DC!!”

— Teresa

“Always enjoy contributing and reading the accomplishments in the Newsletter.”

— Lisa

“God bless The House!!!”

— Paul

“May our faithful God continue to bless this ministry for the glory of Jesus Christ!”

— David & Kelly

“God bless you for all you do to change young people’s lives.”

— James

“Keep up the great work.  You do awesome things!”